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New Commercial Investor Credibility

THIS article is about how investors who are new to commercial real estate present their commercial real estate projects to private equity partners and get them to say yes!
What Investors Want
In order to be successful […]

Asking Quality Questions

Do you ever ask a question and get this?






You thought your question was perfectly clear, but the answer you received–if you got an answer–didn’t really tell you what you wanted to know.

If this happens to […]

Making Referrals to Boost YOUR Business

Everybody is great at something. I hope you’re already engaged in a profession that you love. And like most folks who love what they do, you are constantly seeking to grow, improve and expand your […]

When you Need to get funded

There’s a fundamental shift taking place in the American mindset.
What used to be taken for granted is no longer valid. Americans, in particular, are waking up to a new reality that if it is meant […]

Is Your Deal Fundable?

Want to know why some commercial borrowers seem to get funding quickly and easily and others don’t?  Here’s how to find out whether your deal catches lenders’ attention and rises to the top of the […]

The Power of Packaging

You’ve heard it said,
“You only have one chance to make a first impression.”
Yet, when you make an initial inquiry on a commercial loan, what kind of impression do you make?

Does your loan request quickly become one […]


5 Easy Steps to Getting Financing

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