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9 Keys to Construction Loan Success

construction-150x150While most of the country is heading into winter, many builders are thinking about spring. If you are planning a construction project, you know that the minimum amount of time to funding is usually 45 to 60 days. But, did you know that when you start designing your project, you need to think about the funding steps at the same time.

This recently published report, 9 Keys to Construction Loan Success gives you all the down low on construction lending. The days of securing a construction loan with a hand shake are long gone. And even though the economy is heating up, lenders are still cautious about construction lending.

This report discusses 9 Key Steps that take you through the entire construction loan process. By following
these essential steps, you will have the opportunity to prepare correctly to obtain the financing you
need to successfully complete your project.

And here’s the “secret sauce.” The 9 Key Steps are:

1. Know what kind of loan you need
2. Know what you’re up against
3. Know where to go
4. Have a plan!
5. Make your application complete
6. Be ready to come out of pocket
7. Be prepared for scrutiny
8. Be realistic in your projections
9. Be ready for funding

Sofia Capital Ventures has strong ties to 4-5 private commercial lenders who offer a variety of construction lending, including joint venture opportunities. Please CONTACT us with any scenarios.

DOWNLOAD the report here.

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Barbara Leuin, Commercial Lending Expert
Barbara Leuin, Ph.D., Commercial Lending Expert, Colorado Springs, CO, is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, with over 30 years of professional experience, including 13 years of university teaching in business and economics; 16 years of business consulting; and 5 years as a full-time real estate investor. Since 1996, she has helped start-up businesses access millions in private capital. As CEO, Barbara brings visionary leadership, team-building and leadership to Sofia Capital Ventures. She is responsible for lender relationships, broker training and identifying market opportunities.

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