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Let Commercial Lending Consultants Structure and Package Your Deal

The 2019 lending environment is more conservative that the past several years. Lenders across the nation have tightened their credit criteria an d borrowers are finding it more difficult to find funding. There is still plenty of money to lend, but borrowers must understand how to give a lender a compelling reason to say, “Yes!”

Through our loan consulting services, we help you assess your own financing needs and identify the best financing strategies to pursue. By working with Sofia Capital Ventures, you can eliminate the majority of funding obstacles encountered by business owners and commercial real estate investors alike.

Loan Consulting Services

Here is a breakdown of the different consulting services we offer:

  • Funding Assessment (no fee ever!)
  • Financing Strategy
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Projections
  • Loan Package Preparation
  • Funding Source Access (success fee)

Funding Assessment

Every commercial loan request is different. For this reason, we review each file directly with the property owner or project principals. Our comprehensive review of your project, covers everything from acquisition strategy, renovation or construction costs, owner and business finances, business plans and financial projections and more. We will have an honest and open conversation and provide a written assessment all the strengths and challenges about your situation.

The process of lending can be simplified by simply taking the time to understand what each lender is looking at and see how your application fits those criteria. Acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of an application allows for open and honest dialogue which enables our lending sources to offer each borrower the best funding options available.  This service is always FREE.

Financing Strategy

The key to successful financing in today’s lending environment is to give lenders a compelling reason to say, “Yes!” It’s not enough to meet the minimum standards of loan eligibility.

Sofia Capital Ventures can consult with you to determine the best approach to overcoming pitfalls and securing the financing your project needs. We’ve heard all the objections lenders express and can consult with you to develop a strategy that overcomes each objection.

We have relationships with about 25 private commercial lenders who represent billions of dollars.  We know what they look for to shore up deficiencies. We can help you turn “no’s” into a loan approval by connecting you with the right source and presenting the right application package.  Fee as low as $500 – rebated at closing.

Business Plan Development

Some lending institutions require a business plan with the application. A perfect example is SBA loans. Even if a lender doesn’t specifically ask for it, if a borrower includes it with their application, they will likely see a significant increase in their chance of an approval. Our team will work with you to understand your business and then create a strategic, “funder-ready” business plan detailing your business strengths and weaknesses, your staffing projections, your competitor analysis, the size and growth of your industry, your projected revenue and expenses broken up month by month for the coming years, and what the money is going to be used for. When this business plan is presented to the lenders, it gives them more information to understand the business that they will be financing.  Fees variable.

Financial Projections

Part of the business plan package is a detailed analysis and projections of your monthly and annual cash flows and profit position. Often a project owner or real estate investor will come to us with a basic Executive Summary of their plans for the project or property. Having detailed financial projections allows both the borrower and the lender to get a specific measure of the results of those proposed plans.

Our team will work with you to translate your plans for your project, business or property into the kinds of financial forecasts that are most meaningful to your situation and to the funding sources you have targeted to approach. Whether it is a detailed analysis of rent rolls, or construction costs leading to property appreciation, or cash flows from an existing business, having your projections well thought out will give the lender an exact understanding of how much debt your project can carry and for how long.  Fees variable.

Loan Package Preparation

When applying for financing, all lenders have different requirements in terms of application forms, required documentation, business plan, detailed use of funds, construction costs, rent rolls, and various other supporting documentation. A loan package needs to be created before submitting a loan application and is a critical part of the loan process.

Many lenders will automatically reject an application if it doesn’t have the all the required documentation. Our team can take the guesswork out of the process by assembling and presenting the entire package for the borrower. This ensures that an application is always presented to the lender with all required documentation, in a consistent way that leads to a significant improvement in the handling of your loan request and the probability of being approved. We’ve been told by our lenders that our files are well presented and always go to the top of the stack. Fees start at $500 – rebated at closing.

Funding Source Access

Sofia Capital Ventures works with a select group of private commercial lenders who have hundreds of programs available for borrowers. With this broad a set of choices, there is a program available for almost every type of commercial loan. Having relationships with lenders allows us to have our clients go to the top of the pile and not be treated like a number. Many of our partner lenders have provided us with their exact lending criteria allowing us to know if a project is a good match even before their file is sent to the lender. This enables us to save time for all involved by ensuring that we only match businesses to lenders that are highly likely to provide them funding.

Our Commercial Lending Experts are highly trained to use our lender matching platform. Our platform allows them to ask our borrowers a series of questions to fully understand their file and from there, our platform will tell us who the most suited lenders are. We will not simply send a client’s file to a bunch of lenders; this is a bad experience for all involved. We take the time to work as the liaison between the borrower and the lender. Although there are no guarantees, we are extremely confident that if we take a borrower to a particular lender, it is because the criteria match up correctly for both parties. If a borrower is declined by a lender, we will provide specific feedback and give you every opportunity to overcome deficiencies.

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