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Loan Programs

Sofia Capital Ventures is your Concierge for Private Commercial Lending. Through our carefully selected network of private commercial lenders, we can arrange financing for a wide variety of commercial property types, loan sizes and challenging financing situations.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you are buying a commercial property, refinancing a property you already own or venturing into new development, our private commercial lenders have a commercial loan program to fit your needs.

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Construction Loans

Sofia Capital Ventures has strong lender relationships for land development and construction loans. Whether you are a first-time developer or an experienced builder, our lenders have the right programs for you. Are you looking to get in light? We have high LTV programs with equity participation. Are you looking to fund quickly and get started building? Our lenders are ready to help.

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Bridge Loans

Is your property under-performing or not fully occupied? Are you making improvements to an existing property? Bridge lenders offer interim solutions that can roll into permanent financing.

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SBA Loans

You may not know that SBA Loans can be used for commercial real estate. You may also not know that you can access SBA Loans through private commercial lenders. Sofia Capital Ventures offers a Small Business Loan Program through private lenders who have been designated SBA Preferred Lenders. They can evaluate and process your loan request quickly and efficiently.

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Energy Funding

There has never been a greater demand for alternative energy sources, nor a greater interest in funding these projects from the private sector. Political, economic and social factors have converged to shift the alternative energy sector from the arena of “socially responsible” investing to a rapid growth sector and an increasingly profitable opportunity.

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Our loan size ranges from $500,000 and up. All projects are evaluated individually, based on the nature and size of the project and the strength and experience of the borrow.

If you have a scenario that you would like to run by us, please use the FORM BELOW to send us a short email. You will have a response in 24 hours, or less.

We look forward to solving your commercial funding problem!

Solutions for all Loan Types

With loan sizes starting at $500,000, we have many types of loans available for your project.


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