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Renewable Energy Finance

There has never been a greater demand for alternative energy sources, nor a greater interest in funding these projects from the private sector. Political, economic and social factors have converged to shift the alternative energy sector from the arena of “socially responsible” investing to a rapid growth sector and an increasingly profitable opportunity. While there will always be short-term market fluctuations, and the political climate will vary from region to region and state to state, we have a consistent funding interest in the following sectors:

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Here’s what you need to do to get started.

What We Offer

Sofia Capital Ventures takes a consultative approach to alternative energy funding. CEO, Barbara Leuin, has a doctorate in natural resource economics and has worked in the sustainable development field for over 30 years. We offer our expertise, along with the funding capacity of our partners to streamline the process for you.

In the green energy sector, we are capable of equity and debt financing and often work with our partners to create a capital stack to getting you the financial resources you need. The investment return is typically secured by the project assets alone and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than by the general assets or creditworthiness of the project sponsors. We work closely with you to evaluate, and then enhance, your project’s ability to obtain financing by:

  • Careful analysis of your project and your needs
  • Identification of critical issues
  • Issue mitigation/resolution
  • Determination of optimal financing structure
  • Leveraging our established relationships with funding sources

Let us show you how.

How We Work With Partners

Sofia Capital Ventures works with a small number of carefully selected funding partners who have long-standing relationships with a worldwide network of private investors, investment bankers and bond underwriters. These relationships allow us to present your program for funding with a solid exit strategy that will attract investment capital and allow your business projects to become a reality. We currently can provide access to private equity, joint venture, funding, bond proceeds, and debt, as well as venture capital funding based on the opportunity your project presents.

Who Is Eligible

In order to attract the capital required for most energy projects, each project must demonstrate its profitability. This means a carefully written and detailed business plan is essential to your funding request.

In addition to the project pro forma and other data necessary for the due diligence process such as environmental impact studies, ground and soil studies, geological assessments, assay reports, etc. the project must, in most cases, be “shovel ready.”

Further, the principals or project sponsors must evidence some investment into the project or other unique value they are contributing to the project’s success. Project principals are often required to offer a personal guarantee of any debt financing involved.

Finally, our funders will carefully scrutinize the experience of the principals and management team to assess their ability to bring the project to market successfully.  In the case of facilities to be constructed, we will also require take-out contracts be in place before funding is considered.

If you believe that you meet these general criteria, please contact us immediately.


In general, financing alternative energy projects consists of multiple strategies, usually involving a combination of equity and debt financing.  You may encounter the following types of fees from the various entities involved in your project:

  • Engagement Fees: a consulting fee for advising you as to how to best structure your deal and present your project to the funding sources.
  • Commitment Fees: required from a funder upon acceptance of a letter of interest. This “firms up” the funding commitment and assures the lender that you are not shopping the deal during the due diligence period. If the lender fails to perform, these fees are often refundable.
  • Due Diligence Fees: these include hard costs (such as appraisals, impact studies, feasibility studies) as well as expenses for the funding entity’s representative to make a site visit, if applicable.
  • Success Fees: points and commissions that are paid at closing, upon the successful completion of funding for your project.

Since each project is unique, the fee structure will vary widely depending on the project’s needs and the funding sources that are interested in that particular project.

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Sofia Capital Ventures is not a an SEC licensed firm.  We offer this overview for your information only.  Our Partners DIRECTLY represent third-party lenders.

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