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2019-2020 Professional Education

Advanced training in commercial mortgages, marketing & sales, and business ownership

Professional education is an essential part of every entrepreneur’s success. Whether you just want to stay current on issues and trends in your industry or are looking to take your business to a whole new level, Sofia Capital Ventures offers programs that can fit your needs.

If you are a financial professional, commercial mortgage broker, commercial realtor, or someone who is looking to move into a related industry, we invite you to select from our summer season learning opportunities.

Tier 1: Learn & Earn

Commercial Mortgage Fundamentals & Multiple Income Streams.

Who this program is for: 

If you are a real estate professional or work in a related industry and want to provide additional value to your current and existing clients, this is the place to start. 

What you receive:

This series consists of six 30-minute audio programs with complete downloadable transcripts and a bonus lesson on loan pricing.

  • How commercial mortgages work
  • How to make a loan request
  • Loan application / initial presentation
  • Underwriting demystified
  • Marketing to existing clients
  • Marketing to new clients
  • BONUS: Insight into commercial loan pricing.


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Tier 2: Customize your Business

Laser-focus your business with a customized marketing plan complete with marketing tools and templates. 

Who this program is for: 

If you are a highly-motivated real estate professional or work in a related industry and want to provide additional value to your current and existing clients, this is the place to start. With this program you can catapult your business to the next level. 

What you receive:

This program will empower you to enhance the value you provide to clients in your industry. You receive an exclusive, one-on-one personal consult with CEO Dr. Barbara Leuin focused on burning questions in your business & how you can stack additional revenue streams.

Yours to keep:

  • A 60-minute LIVE CALL (private 1-on-1) with Barbara
  • A recording of the call – listen over and over
  • The recorded Learn & Earn Audio Series & Transcript

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Tier 3: Virtual Mastermind 90-day Subscription

Join with a small group of like-minded people to explore the power of the group mind.

Who this program is for: 

Want to grow your business but don’t have time to travel? Engage in this high-powered, small-group mentoring environment from your office or home. Commit to one hour a week to work on your business, not in it!

What you receive:

Join a 90-day virtual mastermind group of commercial real estate investors, brokers and other business professionals to focus on current issues in commercial lending and small business. The series includes:

  • Two live calls/month – deal analysis, marketing, Q & A
  • Two training calls/month – current issues in real estate & business
  • All sessions recorded and available for download
  • Private one-on-one call with Dr. Barbara Leuin (prioritize your focus)
  • Recorded “Learn & Earn” Audio Series & Transcripts

BONUS: Mindset Training: Empowerment TAP “Snacks” & Lessons

This program starts soon!

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Tier 4: LIVE Mastermind Group – 12 month Full Access

The Power of Synergy and High-Performance TEAM!

Who this program is for: 

This program is for the business owner who wants to soar to the next level & beyond. By committing to a 12-month membership in an elite mentoring program you will surround yourself with like-minded individuals and gain from the synergy of the group. While this program is focused on the commercial mortgage industry, it is open to any professional who offers related services. Earn a high 6-figure income and build your own business with a high-performance team. 

What you receive:

This program includes EVERYTHING in the first 3 Tiers, PLUS:

4 LIVE Mastermind Sessions (Full day – location TBA)

  • Focus on developing your unique niche
  • Target and achieve 6-figure income levels

BONUS #1: Recorded program on building your professional Credibility Kit. This program was first introduced to new investors at Scott Meyers’ Self Storage Academy.

BONUS #2: Mindset Training: Full Empowerment Library Access


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If you want to know more about Mastermind Groups, CLICK HERE.

Contact me if you want to know more!


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